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Oct 19, 2014
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Exigum App by carriekelleyrobin
Exigum App
This is an application for :icon10-6ths: a Kingdom Hearts based organization group.

Application made by: :iconalicenevermore:

My character and weapon for this app was drawn by the lovely: :iconi-wiwl-nuke-joo:

General Info

Name: Exigum
Nickname: Pixie or Candy
Birthday: February 24th
Age: 19
Relation Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


P.O.E.: The Sweet Desroyer 
Element: Candy
Element Description: She can create small shields and formations out of hard candy to either defend herself or trip up opponents as well as form temporary weapons. 
Weapon: Morning-star
HomeWorld: The Arcade (Sugar Rush)
Theme Song!:… Candy by Robbie Williams
Somebody: Gumie


Gender: Female
Species: Human (Video Game Character)
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blue
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 115 lbs

Personal Info

Occupation: Demolisher (Destroys things)/ Candy Maker
Education: Knows how to read and write, has a great interest in sciences, specifically chemistry.
Personality: Exigum is extremely confrontational and loves to pick fights. She is quick to anger and tends to take her anger out on objects if she can't directly hurt the person that angered her. Despite her anger she is quite good at focusing on tasks and getting things done. She speaks whats on her mind and does't care what anyone thinks about her. Exigum prefers to work alone and is hard to get along with others which makes working with a partner difficult for her. 

Positive Traits: (3 minimum)
✖ Focused
✖ Confidant 
✖ Observant

Negative Traits: (3 minimum)
✖ Confrontational
✖ Abrasive 
✖ Dissonant

General Histories

Somebody History: Gumie was a girl who lived in the castle of Sugar Rush. She lived there as an assistant to the person who ruled the land, and thanks to that she had access to great opportunities. She started out as a candy maker in the castle, she was great at her job, however she got into many fights with the other candy makers and was sent to a remote part of the castle where the recalled candy karts. Gumie became a person who worked alone, her only job destroying the out of commission karts, thanks to this she became even more isolated from others, preferring to spend her days breaking things than interact with others. After awhile she began to get less and less karts to break, she finally decided to leave her job and see the King once more. After he stated that he had forgotten she was even at the castle, she became angry and attacked him, she was stopped by the guards and run out of the castle, not wanting to be incarcerated in the dungeon she was run out of her game. Angry and with no place to go, her heart became heavy and her mind weak, she wandered from game to game until the heavy feelings in her heart glitched into a monster, though she attempted to fight the shadowy heartless, all fight in her was gone and she went down.

Nobody History: Exigum awoke in a world that reminded her of her own, the bright colors reminded her of the rainbow world she knew, but something was different. There were no candy trees or hills, only giant flowers and mushrooms that flourished in the world. Angry and confused she began to attack the locals before she was found and brought to the castle of the Nobodies to face judgment. She was spared and agreed to serve under the queen, if only because it was familiar to her and reminded her of what she could remember of her life before.

Optional Info

Talents: Candy Making
Distinguishing Marks: None
Biggest Fear: Living without a purpose
  • Mood: Cheerful
Haha, it's my birthday today. Finally 20. ugh.

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hey I have not seen you in the rp room "BoundSpellBooks" lately. I am currently doing a reboot on the room and I am trying to see who all wants to still be a member  so please get back to me and let me know if you still desire to stay a member. If not i will be moving your app to the folder "Published" Apps so that if you ever want to reclaim the  character its still there, or  if you ever want to come back.
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